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We have the cheapest Pall Mall Cigarettes Online!

While not being among the best known cigarette brands in the world – Pall Mall still holds a great share of clientele that loves the cigarettes that they’ve been making for almost 80 years.

Most long time smokers will definitely recall trying out Pall Mall at some point in their lives as these cigarettes have definitely managed to win the hearts of many smokers. But the love is somewhat unique as these cigarettes definitely aren’t for everyone and it’s usually more of a love or hate situation with them, due to the unique taste and smell that they have.

The cigarettes saw a major rise in customers during the 1960’s when the Hippies started smoking it widely, and due to the number of hippies in those times it isn’t surprising that these cigarettes caught on like a fire, being the favorite choice of cigarettes for millions of people.

Even though Pall Mall was a very fierce competitor to the other big brands of the time, they’ve seen a slow but steady decline in sales during the past 20 years, but somehow they’ve managed to escape bankruptcy and continue to produce these unique cigarettes. 

The pricing of these cigarettes has varied considerably over the years. They first started out as being marketed as a top tier premium brand that cost a fortune (relatively at the time). But due to popularity of these cigarettes decreasing it’s no wonder that they’ve slowly started cutting down on their prices.

Now they cost a fraction of what they originally did, and are a value pack of cigarettes for most smokers, due to it having a very low cost.

But even though the price has gone down, the quality hasn’t. The cigarettes still retain the same exact formula that they’ve had for decades. It is smooth, yet refreshing at the same time. 

They have a wide assortment of cigarettes that have different flavors as well as nicotine variations so you don’t need to worry that you’ll be unable to find the right strength or flavor for yourself if you choose to ttry this particular brand of cigarettes. 

A lot of my friends also smoke them as these cigarettes go hand in hand with social smoking and there’s a special feeling when I share a ciggy with a friend, or the opposite.

The company has made a lot of design changes over the years, making their main logo different on a dozen of occasions. They’ve also changed the very styling of the package where the cigarettes come in and although they were rather outdated looking, a few years ago the company made the decision of completely changing the look of their cigarette packages. Now they look a lot more stylish and although I don’t think that it was necessary for them to change their logo and the design of the package, I feel that this will bring them a lot of younger smokers due to the cigarette package looking stylish.

Pall Mall is a really old school cigarette brand that was first introduced roughly 110 years ago, which definitely makes them a sort of gurus in their field (tobacco selling).

These cigarettes did extremely well in the old days, selling like hot cakes. The company saw an even bigger incline in customers once the hippie scene first hit our culture back in the late sixties. A lot an already existing smokers of this brand were really enthusiastic about talking their friends into trying this brand which is how the brand became so popular – due to hearing about this brand from word of mouth. 

Every self-proclaiming smoker should have smoked a pack of Pall Malls at least at some point in their lives and it is relatively weird hearing someone who still hasn’t tried them, even though they’ve been smoking for years.

This brand is unique in the way that it’s changed its target audience to which they market the cigarettes.

At first this brand was claiming to be a very premium brand that only the royal class of society could afford to smoke on a daily basis.

Due to the economy or some other fact, Pall Mall has since started to market their cigarettes as being a really cheap choice of cigarettes that still retain the high quality taste that other brands of much higher quality have.

They’ve had to make this targeting adjustment solely because of the fact that the company has seen a slow but steady decline in customers worldwide, so they simply couldn’t really afford to keep trying to sell the cigarettes at the same price that they were asking for at the beginning.

So slowly these cigarettes have gone from costing over $5 a pack to costing only a fraction of that price now. 

But this shouldn’t hold you back from trying Pall Mall and possibly making it your favorite choice of cigarettes. It has its bonuses, mostly the taste of the cigarettes is really high quality and you can feel that they haven’t made any sacrifices to the quality, while still lowering the price.

This is really good news to those of us who have a limited budget on how much we can spend on our daily cigarette needs. 

They have a large inventory of differently sized cigarettes as well as having various tastes added to them like menthol. 

You should really give them a go and remember to keep smoking them for at least a week before deciding whether or not this particular brand of cigarettes is really for you. There have been some stories of people not liking this brand at first but loving it after they’ve been forced to smoke it for a slightly longer period of time. So if the taste of the cigarettes or some other aspect of them doesn’t satisfy you immediately – don’t stop smoking the cigarettes just yet, give them a few more days and you might be in for a little surprise.